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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Condiment Basics and Herb/Spice basics.

So let's keep the ball rolling and add to the collection of my kitchen staples.  Hope these help too!

Condiment Basics

Sesame oil
Pickles – dill and sweet, whole and relish
Olives – black and green
Soy sauce
Worcestershire sauce
Sun dried tomatoes, dried and oil packed
Barbecue sauce
Maple syrup - the real deal, not some "flavored" stuff
Chile paste and sauce
Mushrooms – dried and canned
Mustard – yellow, Dijon, brown and spicy
Hot pepper sauce
Molasses, dark


Basic Herbs and Spices

Bay leaves
Chili powder
Cinnamon – ground and sticks
Cloves – ground and whole
Coriander, ground
Cream of Tartar
Cumin, ground
Curry powder
Dill weed
Garlic, granulated and or powdered
Ginger, ground
Mustard, dried ground
Pepper – cayenne, dried red flakes
Pepper – black peppercorns and ground
Rosemary, dried
Sage – ground and rubbed
Salt – kosher and sea
Sesame seeds
Thyme – ground and dried
Vanilla extract
Seasoning blends:  Italian Seasoning, Taco Seasoning, Season Salt, Montreal Steak Seasoning, any of the Mrs. Dash blends and Creole seasoning

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